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Tired of the expense and maintenance of your outdated line printers? Retire the tired old line printer. Our industrial barcode printers are continuous feed laser printers. These lasers printers use continuous paper and print barcode graphics at blazing speed. See how our barcode laser printers set the standards for versatility and workload performance in the industrial, high speed, barcode printer marketplace. 

Our industrial barcode laser printer can even accommodate barcode label printing. Imagine, a high volume, barcode label printer capable of fast barcode label printing without reducing speed when printing barcode graphics.

F-32 Printer

When your grow beyond the smaller commercial solutions, when your tired of your line printer crawling when printing barcode graphics, when you need a high speed barcode printer, we have a number of industrial barcode printers that will fit your budget and workload.  We work with all size companies to make sure the high speed barcode printer you purchase is one that fits your barcode printing needs.

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Postnet Bar Codes: This barcode laser printer is USPS Merlin compliant. Your new continuous form printer easily handle graphics such as the USPS required Endicia mark. Get the lowest cost postage rate available. Stop the higher postage costs because the US postal service cannot read your Indicia mark.  High speed, high quality, high duty cycle, and lower postage costs all in one laser package.


Barcodes supported by our Continuous Feed Laser Printers.
With 19 resident barcodes on board you have the flexibility and options to suit your needs.  They include both Linear and 2-Dimensaional barcodes giving you one of the most complete barcode printing solutions on the market.  A sample of the included barcodes include:

PDF 417, Datamatrix, Maxicode,UPC A, UPC E, Code 39, Postnet, EAN 8, EAN 8 + Add-On, EAN 128 (Code 128), EAN 13, EAN 13 + Add-On, MSI, 2/5 Interleaved, 2/5 3-stroke
Datalogic, 2/5 3-stroke Matrix, 2/5 5-stroke Industry, Codabar, USD5, Kix

With over 17 on board printer emulations our printers are very versatile and can work with virtually every industrial barcode printing application made.  If you have special needs we also have the ability to create custom programming to make our barcode printers suitable for your environment.  Don't change what works for you to accommodate a new barcode printer, let us make our barcode printer accommodate your environment.

Want to make your labels look unique and scaleable?  Our printers have 178 internal fonts available to make sure you can be as creative as you want to be.  This versatile laser lets you print the barcodes you need and offers many additional options for continuous form printing.

With up to 98 pages per minute printing our high speed barcode printers can fly through your production runs.  This rugged continuous form laser will allow you to run more jobs on a single printer than you could before with multiple barcode printers. We are dedicated to keeping your barcode printing costs low and saving you production time.

Yes, we can provide an ethernet bar code printer. We have a wide range of connection options for you. Our barcode printers can provide Ethernet, Token Ring, Centronics, or RS-232 connections. Our industrial barcode printers has an interface that will work for you.

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